The best of the westMick was able to fulfill one of his life time ambitions by riding Route 66 with Blue Cucumber tours in 2010 and had the most amazing time.  He says that the experience was something not to be missed, if you’re a biker and love the open road then it is something that just has to be done!!  He cruised along the highways, experienced old town America, enjoyed different taste explosions at a variety of eating establishments, was in awe of both the Grand Canyon (or as Mick says the ‘giant hole in the ground’) and the Hoover Dam, wasted money in the casinos of Las Vegas and just soaked up the sounds and smells.

On his return he said that the only thing missing was having me by his side (or behind him) so it was then that we decided that the next trip of a lifetime we would do together…….we have just returned from doing the Pacific Coast Highway. We arrived in LA and were met by our American tour guides who promptly introduced us to the American buffet, a huge selection of anything you could possibly imagine to eat.  We sat and chatted and slowly acclimatised.  We then headed on down to San Diego for sleep and to be ready to collect our bikes the following morning.  Only having been a pillion on maybe three previous occasions I was a little apprehensive but also really excited.

The bikes were amazing, we hit the trail and started to eat up the miles. We rode, we saw, we enjoyed.  The views along Highway 1 and 101 were just breath taking.  Pictures don’t do it justice, you really need to experience them for yourself.  The biggest surprise was the elephant seals, a whole beach covered in them just basking in the sun, and boy did they smell!!  We all thought it was Darren at first…..
The Redwood forest was awesome, a 22 mile stretch of winding forest roads was a thrilling experience, riding past the miles and miles of strawberry fields, oh you could smell them, the coastal views, the mountains, the sun and even the drizzle made it the most amazing road trip ever.  All my fears of being a pillion were laid to rest after the first hour, I loved every minute of it, and after 1800 miles, I would do it again……

The tour guides were very friendly, helpful, informative, and supportive, the only downside was they just kept feeding us!!!!!!!!

What’s next Darren?